2018 C-DAX Winged Eliminator Weed Wiper

Price: 2650 + vat

Features Overview

    Wiping Width 4.3m

    Self angling wings with dual or independent left and right wing operation

    Floating wings sledge height on ends 150mm

    Electronic flow controller included. Allows application rate adjustment while wiping

    Pressurised chemical feed system. Ensures even quantities of chemical are pumped to all wiping areas

    Angles wiping carpets. Specifically angled wiper arms rotate the weed for better chemical coverage

    Heavy duty galvanised frame for maximum strength and corrosion resistance

    Front mounted bruise bar. Scrapes the weed stem for faster chemical absorption

    Comes with
    4m of delivery hose
    Electronic flow rate controller
    Dry break couplers and plumbing kit

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