2018 New Logic Manege Grader

Price: 1575 + vat

Features Overview

    Essential Surface Grader
    When working horses in an arena, the surface material can quickly get kicked up by the action of the horse’s hooves. It gets built up around the perimeter boards, and the route used by the horse in its exercises becomes rutted and uneven. The Logic Surface Grader or Menage Grader is quick and efficient at grading the menage, levelling any surface material, whether it be simply sand or one of the more sophisticated, softer compositions such as rubber chip. The optional bar of tines works deeper into the surface than the main levelling blade mixing and aerating the components. This is essential for rubber chip and bark surfaces but also beneficial for preventing compaction on any sand based surface.

    2.5 metre width Perimeter plough 1.1 metre wide used to draw in material kicked up around the boards. Depth adjustment - allows correct blade setting for various types of surface Adjustable drawbar for altering the hitch height to suit different towing vehicles Wheel Track Levelling Kit - essential for a ‘one pass’ system. On any rough surface, the area immediately in front of each wheel is graded to provide a level track to travel on. This provides a stable platform for the mainblade to produce a smooth finish on the first pass Low ground pressure tyres 20 x 7-8 ensuring all round capability on hard and soft surfaces Swivel hitch with 50mm ball coupling

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